Practice Management Features

Practice Management Features

Practice Management Features

RenumerMed’s main practice management features include:

  • HIPAA-ready ANSI EDI formats
  • Multi-level security that enables access to certain data to be restricted at the user or group levels
  • Required data fields are highlighted for easy identification
  • Interface for SRS bar code scanning is included
  • The system is capable of sharing data with other medical applications
  • Multiple windows can be open simultaneously
  • Reminder notes for physicians
  • Custom programming and data conversions are available

Patient Management Features

In addition, RenumerMed offers the following patient management features:

  • Patient files track demographic information and multiple insurance providers (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Patient and office documents can be attached in a variety of multimedia formats, including images, movie and audio files, and Microsoft Office files
  • Change a patient’s provider at any time while archiving the old information
  • Set recall notices concerning patient-related issues, billing, scheduling, etc.
  • Save date, time, and user-stamped notations about patients, and billing issues
  • Monitor how patients are referred to each office

Search and Shortcut Features

In order to provide quick and immediate access to vital medical and billing information RenumerMed provides extensive search and shortcut features including:

  • Fast search technology to quickly access a variety of information, including patient data, payment information and insurance status
  • Narrow choices in drop-down lists by entering the first few letters of desired information
  • Select cities by entering the zip code
  • Hotkey functionality available on all screens
  • Quickly access menu options using mouse’s right-click button
  • Automatically add or search many data fields with shortcut buttons