What Is BeneMed?

What Is BeneMed?

Benefits Management

MedData’s BeneMed is a health insurance benefits monitoring and analysis package that is designed to assist large enterprises in managing the relationship between their Human Resources department and their employees and the health insurance benefits provider used to provide health, dental, and disability benefits to the enterprise.

Sophisticated Data Decision Tools

BeneMed is designed to provide the most sophisticated and insightful data-decision support tools and software to enterprises contracting medical coverage for their employees. Recognizing the complex nature of the provision of medical insurance services, MedData designs and creates its analytic products by uniquely organizing data to define and clarify for maximum insight. The result is a transformation of data to actionable information which is logically understood by clinicians as well as administrators.

Healthcare Challenges

MedData Technologies understands the many challenges facing those responsible for the delivery and financing of health care services to employees of large enterprise organizations. Measuring the provision of healthcare and its outcomes is quickly becoming the standard by which large health care purchasers and patients evaluate their prospective health care providers. As health care delivery systems evolve into the next century, purchasers and informed consumers will place greater emphasis on measurable processes and outcomes when selecting their health care networks and providers.

Health Service Quantification

A health insurance benefits classification system that identifies discretely occurring episodes of care has long been at the center of analytical demand for those enterprise HR professionals responsible for the funding, analysis and contracting of health insurance services. In simple terms, unless one can consistently and meaningfully quantify those services offered by health care providers, attempts to manage the cost effectiveness of benefit plans is elusive at best.

Customized Contracts

Increasingly, in order to achieve cost-effective insurance benefits programs, enterprise HR departments must work with carriers to go beyond the simple tailoring of “one-size-fits-all” contracts and benefits packages. However, customized contracts generate more rules for HR departments to remember, more exceptions for them to apply, and more special conditions to slow down processing increasing costs, mistakes and quality concerns.