MedData Technologies is a top-tier provider of clinical medical data and billing systems for the health services industries. Having initially specialized in customized solutions for the healthcare industry and working closely with each segment of the professional community in developing and enhancing its products and services, MedData has cultivated a series of powerful, standardized products including its CollabraMed medical collaboration system, RenumerMed medical billing, management and remuneration software and BeneMed benefit monitoring and analysis software products.

MedData Technologies’ solutions for collaboration, medical billing and benefit monitoring and analysis securely unite people and information like never before. Each of these enterprise solutions streamlines workflow and delivers both structured and unstructured information to team members when they need it, where they need it. With MedData solutions in place, hospitals, medical, practices, insurers and the patients that use them have the features and functionality needed to deliver true healthcare success.

Using MedData’s CollabraMed electronic medical record system with a robust practice management and billing application like RenumerMed can generate real cost savings as well as enhanced revenue. The scope of improved efficiency varies with degree of implementation, and includes reduced labor costs, improved cash flow, streamlined clinical and financial management workflow, increased reimbursement, and detailed financial reporting. All these factors can contribute to making a healthcare delivery system of any size more profitable.

Across the hall, across the country or anywhere in the world, the MedData family of products was designed to improve the efficiency of the medical community so as to enable the delivery of cost-effective healthcare to patients everywhere.


CollabraMed is a unique and state-of-the-art collaboration environment that allows hospitals, medical groups, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to streamline communication activities between various locations and entities to improve efficiency.


RenumerMed is a cloud-based electronic medical billing, management, and remuneration SaaS system that is scalable for use by medical practices, chiropractors, dentists and medical billing services as well as by major hospitals and medical groups.


BeneMed is a health insurance benefits monitoring and analysis package designed to assist large enterprises in managing the relationship between their Human Resources department, their employees, and the enterprise’s health, dental, and disability benefits provider.